Monday, March 01, 2010

Nowadays weather siao one, one moment wind blow, next moment hot until want whole world get melt like Ice cream....

Me this few weeks supposed can sleep 8 hours per day de, but becos of hot weather, sometimes sleep 4 hours then aleady woke up and cannot continue sleep. Like yesterday plan to sleep at 11pm de, who know sleep until 2am then I already feel fucking hot. Wake up and take off all the clothes then just naked only can continue my precious sleeping time.

I know now is HOT season, but the cibai sunlight damn hyperactive lor....i dun need any sunshine now, i want raining day ler.... but one thing good about hot weather is when all the boys and girls get caught in the HOT and no umbrealla: then everyone will take off their clothes ma “ho-sey-liao”…hahaha~


Jayson said...

take off their clothes?? you think too much bah~hahaz.
our earth is getting hotter than ever since..