Monday, May 21, 2012


曾经看过一本很有意思的书,书的内容是关于人必须在 35 岁前应该做的事情。

反正随便去 google 那里 copy & paste 一下,就可以交差搞定。





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bahahahahaa nice!

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Crystal said...

That is great! Guess u might not want to ask your sister to use this as reference ba.

Anonymous said...

When I was working in a library about fifteen years ago, we got one of those "how NOT to write a resume" books, which I looked over during a break.

The only two stories I could remember, was one where a guy put on his resume for an accountant position that one one of his previous jobs, he was "put in change of an area of accounting I wasn't familiar with. When the IRS came in to audit the owners a couple of months later I saw the writing on the wall and got out of there."

Its a pretty safe bet that if you want someone to hire you, letting them know you were responsible for getting you former employer in trouble with the IRS is probably not a good marketing point.

On another resume, the applicant had included some personal artwork, with him holding a gun and shooting down "waste and inefficiency" in the form of two other workers.

The person writing the book made it clear that if you're looking to get hired, don't include any imagery that depicts you machine-gunning down your co-workers; regardless of the message you're trying to convey.

I was actually an "ass. manager" in retail for several years, and now I'm suddenly feeling like I got cheated.

Jordis said...

lol what exactly does the company do?

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